Interbrand Best Retail 2009

Making sense of the economic turmoil of
recent months will take time and a degree
of hindsight that most business leaders
just don’t possess at the moment. Our
attention must focus on the immediate
needs of businesses and brands in real
time. Histor

We’ve focused on retail in this edition
of the Interbrand magazine because it
is a powerful barometer of economic
sentiment. The dramatic differences in
the fortunes of the various High Street or
Main Street players highlight the mood of
the day: Are you in a position to weather,
or wither in, the storm?
A retailer once told me that he didn’t have
time to build his brand; he was too busy
meeting the needs of his customers and his
business. At Interbrand we would view this
as the very essence of building a brand, but
it’s easy to see why the marriage between
retailers and brand management hasn’t
always been easy. Branding was historically
viewed as the “lipstick on the pig,” a graphical
veneer which added questionable value in the
face of global logistics and sourcing. But as
markets have changed, so have attitudes.

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